NaNoWriMo: Writer’s Agreement

In November 2018, I will participate in NaNoWriMo, with the goal of completing 50,000 words by midnight of 30/11. This averages out to 1667 words per day. I know that I can accomplish this because I have done it twice before, so I will not let  anxiety or negative self talk try to convince me otherwise!

I will write every day, between noon and 5pm, with no exceptions barring serious illness or natural disaster. Playing catch-up is hard, so my actual daily goal will be 2k words just in case the serious illness or disaster does occur! If the worst happens, I will not give up just because I’ve fallen behind my word goal. I will carry my notebook and iPhone with me so that I can write anywhere at any time.

I will not give in to boredom, laziness, or FOMO. To achieve this, I will follow the plot plan that I have created, and write the parts I want to write, regardless of order. I give myself permission to abuse coffee if required.

I will shelve my inner editor. I will not re-read anything that I have written until December. I give my novel permission to be terrible until December. This novel is ultimately for me – I don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards.

I will not let outside interference dissuade me. I am allowed to prioritise this for myself, and the world will not end just because I have done so! I will retreat to my office if required, or the cafe, or the library. I will wear headphones and turn up my music.

I am allowed to be excited about this, even if nobody else understands. I will use FB groups and write-ins to discuss this with like-minded folks.

I want to accomplish this because I need to add structure and discipline back into my day, so that I have solid foundations for the rest of the work that I do. I want to teach my mind that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” and encourage no-holds-barred creativity. I want to give in to the urge to write.