Transactional analysis, the P-A-C model, and my Self

Innocence. Vulnerability. Freedom. Curiosity. Fun.

These are the childlike qualities that I want to revive in my life. My inner child wants to be seen, heard, cherished. My inner child needs support, acceptance, love. My inner child needs my inner parent, and my adult self hasn’t been valuing either of those parts enough.

So here is what I’m going to do to cherish my child-self:

  • Be open and honest, and share from my core
  • Embrace my need for beauty in my surroundings, and indulge that need
  • Try new things, take risks, look for adventure
  • Find things that make me laugh
  • Create things that make others laugh
  • Listen to and encourage my intuition
  • Live in the moment, and give myself time to really feel joy
  • Be physically and socially active every day

And here is what I’m going to do to encourage my parent-self:

  • Practice self-compassion
  • Nurture others
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Make plans for future happiness
  • Be of service to my community

The Parent-Adult-Child model: the basics